Even Skin Tone Self-Tanning Body Butter
Even Skin Tone Self-Tanning Body Butter
Even Skin Tone Self-Tanning Body Butter
Even Skin Tone Self-Tanning Body Butter
Even Skin Tone Self-Tanning Body Butter
Even Skin Tone Self-Tanning Body Butter
Even Skin Tone Self-Tanning Body Butter
Even Skin Tone Self-Tanning Body Butter

Even Skin Tone Self-Tanning Body Butter

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Even Skin Tone Self-Tanning Body Butter

Even Skin Tone Self-Tanning Body Butter

$12.99 $20.99
❤️ Product description

Embrace the arrival of summer and achieve a stunning, natural-looking tan effortlessly with our Self-Tanning Body Butter. Designed to evoke the carefree days of sun-soaked beaches, this luxurious formula glides on smoothly, providing a streak-free and flawless finish.

Its quick-drying, non-greasy texture allows you to enjoy your day while it works its magic, leaving you with a vibrant and radiant glow. Infused with nourishing botanical extracts and vitamins, our body butter deeply hydrates and nourishes your skin, restoring its natural moisture balance.

Customize your tan to your desired level with ease and enjoy the delightful fragrance that lingers on your skin. Say goodbye to harmful UV rays and hello to a beautiful summer glow that lasts. Experience the essence of summer with our Self-Tanning Body Butter and feel confident and fabulous in your own skin.
❓How it works

Replace your daily moisturizer 2-3 times a week with our Self-Tanning Body Butter.

Apply a generous amount to your skin and massage evenly using circular motions.

For optimal results, exfoliate your skin regularly to create a smooth canvas before application.

Remember to moisturize your skin daily to maintain hydration and extend the life of your tan.

Enjoy your radiant and sun-kissed glow, knowing you've achieved it with our Self-Tanning Body Butter.

🥸 Instructions

Prior to application, ensure that your skin is clean, dry, and free of any oils, lotions, or makeup.

For best results, exfoliate your skin using a gentle scrub or exfoliating mitt. This helps to remove dead skin cells and create a smooth surface for the tanning butter to be applied evenly.

Open the jar of Self-Tanning Body Butter and scoop out a generous amount using clean hands or a spatula.

Starting with a small section of your body, apply the body butter in circular motions, massaging it into your skin. Continue this process, working your way over your entire body.

Pay extra attention to areas that tend to be drier or have rougher skin, such as elbows, knees, and ankles. Lightly blend the body butter into these areas to ensure a seamless, natural-looking tan.

Allow the product to dry completely before dressing to avoid any transfer onto clothing. The formula is quick-drying, so this should only take a few minutes.

Wash your hands thoroughly after application to prevent any unwanted discoloration on your palms.

To build a deeper tan, reapply the Self-Tanning Body Butter 2-3 times a week or as desired, following the same application steps.

For maintenance, moisturize your skin daily to keep it hydrated and extend the life of your tan.

Enjoy your beautiful, sun-kissed glow and embrace the confidence that comes with a healthy-looking tan, courtesy of our Self-Tanning Body Butter.

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Designed for Your Comfort

Clean formula

Formulated without phthalates, formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasers, oxybenzone and octinoxate, and more.

Good for: Uneven Texture

Say goodbye to uneven skin and hello to a flawless, radiant complexion.

Good for: Dryness

Enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting tan while combating dryness. Embrace a radiant glow with our hydrating Self-Tanning Body Butter.

Unleash Your Natural Glow !

Achieve a beautifully natural-looking tan with our Self-Tanning Body Butter. Designed to provide a seamless, sun-kissed glow, this formula ensures that your tan appears effortlessly natural. No more worries about unnatural orange tones or streaky application. Our Self-Tanning Body Butter is carefully formulated to deliver a subtle and authentic tan that enhances your skin's natural beauty. Enjoy the confidence of a flawless, natural effect that will have everyone thinking you've just returned from a tropical getaway. Embrace the beauty of a sun-kissed complexion with our Self-Tanning Body Butter and glow with radiance.

The perfect alternative

Transform your look with our Self-Tanning Body Butter. Witness the stunning before and after results as you achieve a radiant, sun-kissed glow.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Steffani M
Great for a glow!!

HIGHLY recommend.

Rachel C.
Beautiful tan

This is my absolute favourite tan it goes on like velvet is silky smooth , dries instantly and develops into a stunning tan that looks like I’ve spent 3 weeks in the Mediterranean!! Has a clean fresh smell and wears off evenly without the need to scrub off remains! I love it!

Aicha L
best tan i’ve ever used!!

i’m very fair naturally and this tan didn’t leave me looking orange or unnatural at all! it’s easy to apply because it goes on brown(you can see where you applied). it dries down fast so you don’t get sticky or streaky, and it washes off easily so you keep a tan without looking crazy. easily my favorite tan i’ve ever used!!

Jessica H.
Forever My Go-To

I have been using Bali Body products for over a year now and I will never switch to anything else. The 1 Hour Tan is my obsession. It dries fast, doesn’t streak, and leaves my skin smooth and shining. Run, don’t walk!

Shalaine K
1 hour self tan amazing

The best tan I have used for so long, so easy before going out if I want a tan apply while getting ready and it’s dry within seconds. You have control over how dark you want it which I love !! No streaks!! And such a nice smell!! This tan has been lasting longer than any other tan I have bought and I absolutely love it! Would 100% recommend. It’s also so easy to get off . My favourite!! This is day 10 with this tan on and still look flawless!