Nourish - Nutrition Food Scale
Nourish - Nutrition Food Scale
Nourish - Nutrition Food Scale
Nourish - Nutrition Food Scale
Nourish - Nutrition Food Scale
Nourish - Nutrition Food Scale

Nourish - Nutrition Food Scale

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Nourish - Nutrition Food Scale

Nourish - Nutrition Food Scale

$29.99 $49.99
❤️ Product description
Introducing Nourish the Nutrition Food Scale, your ultimate solution for achieving your summer weight loss goals with ease.

This innovative scale goes beyond simply weighing your food; it empowers you to make informed choices by providing accurate nutritional information.

With its ability to calculate macros and portion sizes, you can effortlessly track your dietary intake and stay on track with your fitness journey. The sleek design, easy-to-clean surface, and touch-sensitive buttons make it a joy to use in any kitchen.

Trust in the precision and reliability of this scale as you embark on your summer wellness journey.
❓How it works

Accurate Weighing: The Nutrition Food Scale provides precise measurements in increments as small as 0.1 ounce or 1 gram, ensuring accurate portioning and tracking of your food intake.

Nutritional Data at Your Fingertips: Access the built-in database with information on over 2,000 meals, allowing you to calculate the nutritional value of your food and make informed choices.

Easy Connectivity: Connect the scale to our dedicated app via Bluetooth for seamless synchronization. The app offers additional features like personalized meal plans and recipe suggestions to support your wellness journey.

🥸 Instructions
  1. Press the power button to turn on the scale and wait for the display to show "0.0" indicating it's ready for use.
  2. Place the food item you want to weigh onto the scale's platform. The scale will provide an accurate weight measurement.
  3. To access the nutritional data, use the built-in database by searching for the food item using the scale's interface or connect to the companion app for more extensive information and features.
  4. Use the touch-sensitive buttons or the app interface to navigate through the different functions and customize settings as needed.
  5. To weigh multiple items or calculate portion sizes, use the tare function to zero out the scale after placing a container or plate on it. This ensures that only the weight of the food is measured.
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Designed for Your Comfort

Summer Body

Streamline your weight loss journey with our Nutrition Food Scale, designed to simplify tracking and provide comprehensive nutritional insights

Easy to use

Streamline your macro tracking with our intuitive Nutrition Food Scale, designed to accurately calculate and monitor your macronutrient intake effortlessly.

Long lasting

Simplify calorie tracking with our innovative Nutrition Food Scale, designed to accurately calculate and monitor your calorie intake effortlessly.

Always accurate

Our Nutrition Food Scale is renowned for its exceptional accuracy, providing consistently precise measurements to ensure you have reliable information for your nutritional needs.

With a focus on precision, our Nutrition Food Scale delivers reliable and accurate results every time, allowing you to confidently track your food intake with confidence.

The perfect alternative

Unlock a world of knowledge with our complimentary digital code booklet, providing you with valuable information and resources to support your health and wellness journey.

As a bonus, enjoy access to our free digital code booklet, packed with helpful tips, recipes, and nutritional guidance, making your experience with our Nutrition Food Scale even more enriching.

Ready to Help You Shine! ❤️

Portion Control Made Playful: Our scale helps you nail portion sizes with precision, ensuring you don't accidentally serve up a mountain of snacks that would make Mount Everest jealous. Bye-bye, calorie overload!

Macro Magic: Get your macros on point effortlessly, so you can enjoy guilt-free summer feasting. Our scale calculates your macro intake, making sure you have the power to make informed decisions about what goes on your plate (or ice cream cone).

Get Your Summer Body in Shape 😎

Embrace Beach-Ready Confidence: Imagine rocking that bikini or swim trunks with absolute confidence. Our scale gives you the control to track your progress and make adjustments along the way, so you can feel your best when strutting on the sand.

Stay Cool and Committed: We know summer can be tempting with its ice cream trucks and BBQ parties. But fear not! Our scale keeps you on track without sacrificing the joys of the season. It's like having a trusty weight loss buddy by your side, supporting you through every summer adventure.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
I so surprised with this scale weight, it’s perfect I loved it

I will used this product for my diet 💓👏👏 good kitchen scale 😊

It’s accurate so I love it.

I love it! The glass does feel like it could shatter if it is hit from the side. If stored with other items. I store mine in its own compartment, so no issues for me. My battery life has been fine. I haven’t changed the batteries and I’ve had it since May it’s now September. Over all I love it, this does what I need it to do.

Great for counting macros

Love it. I would definitely recommend to anyone trying to keep count of macros.

One major flaw to me

The time out feature is very frustrating. Times out much to fast, 60 seconds is not near long enough. Needs to have a hold button to keep it on while preparing other things. The say it's to preserve battery life. Well I can always replace the batteries. May have to return, but other than that it's a nice scale.

Looking at how much carbs it havev

I liked it by using how much carbs they have in fruits, rice and vegetables.